Chucksters Mine Sluice Headline

New this year!

Chuckster's Mine Sluice! Be part of the fun by purchasing a bag of rough and pan for gemstones, fossils, or emeralds and other treasures in Chuckster’s water sluice. Whatever you find you can keep! With your purchase we also provide a pamphlet that describes the different treasures that may be in your bag of rough. You can start out with a small bag of material or go right to the “Chuckster’s Lode”. Chuckster’s Lode comes with lots of treasures and a big surprise that is great fun for the whole family. Check out Chuckster's Mine Sluice on your next visit to Chuckster’s.

Chucksters Attractions Mine Sluice

Red Gemstone Bag

  • =1 attraction or Flexpass

Purple Fossil Bag


Green Emerald Bag


Grey Crystal Bag


"Chuckster's Lode" Bag